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Education Plays A Major Role In A Student's Life

“A person who has failed to acquire minimal proficiency in at least one foreign language has missed an experience which is essential to understand the world he lives in.”
(Grittner, 1969)

EduKick (EIFA) fully agrees with this statement by Frank Grittner summarizing the basic reason behind learning other languages. If we want our young people to mature into well-rounded and responsible adults, it is important that they be given opportunities to broaden their horizons, to learn about their nation and to explore other languages and cultures…at EIFA, we provide this opportunity through international travel, academic study and football.

EIFA recognizes that Education plays a major role in a student-footballer’s life while attending one of our EduKick International Football Academies. All EIFA academy venues offer full-time academic study options, including Middle & High School general secondary study, second language acquisition study, Sport Science, ESL, and coaching education courses.

We are dedicated to fostering in all of our student-athletes a love of learning, self-discipline and self-knowledge. At EIFA, we uphold the belief that what we choose to teach is reflected in its regard for its human relationships, to its appreciation of cultural diversity and the manner to which it interacts with all of its members.

EIFA is proud of our ‘sense of family’ and the friendships and camaraderie that our football & education programs inspire. EIFA caters to the individual needs of each student-athlete and contributes to a nurturing learning environment that stimulates personal, intellectual, artistic, social, and physical development.

Through mentorship, tutorials and staff support, EduKick encourages the academy students to achieve high personal standards of academic and linguistic success, maximize their potential as students and athletes and maximize their overall intercultural experience. Simply stated, EIFA promotes increased Intercultural Competence (ICC) in our international footballers!

What is Intercultural Competence (ICC)? – Intercultural Competence describes a measurable skill to navigate and operate effectively within a variety of international settings. Specific skills include the ability to evaluate, identify and adapt to different cultural traits, awareness of our own cultural perspectives and personal biases and appropriate communication in different cross-cultural situations. ICC theory and concepts are designed to build students’ personal, academic and professional skills for those seeking to become more effective intercultural leaders in our increasingly interconnected society. ICC applications and implications are essential for students who are moving towards shaping their own cultural-identity and world views.

Each EIFA Academy offers a different combination of academic programs:

  • EIFA England – Sports Science BTEC Courses & English Language Study/Immersion (ESL/EFL) courses
  • EIFA Spain – Middle School, High School Study, Coach Education & Spanish Language Study/Immersion (DELE) courses
  • EIFA Italy – High School & Italian Language Study/Immersion courses
  • EIFA France – Middle School, High School Study & French Language Study/Immersion courses
  • EIFA Brazil – Brazilian Language Study/Immersion courses
  • EIFA Mexico – Middle School & High School Study & Spanish Language Study/Immersion courses
  • EIFA Canada – Middle School, High School Study & English Language Study/Immersion (ESL/EFL) courses

If you are interested to join one of our EduKick International Football Academies and would like more information on the Student Visa process give us a call or send us an email:

Direct Tel (Outside North America): 1 (905) 469-5661
Toll-Free (In North America): 1 (866) Edu-Kick (338-5425)
Email info@edukick.com
Fax: 1 (905) 469-5971
SKYPE (VOIP) Name: edukicksoccer
ooVoo (VOIP) ID: edukick

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