EIFA Common Questions And Answers

International Football Academies Common Questions

We require that potential particpants should have a number of years experience playing year round for a Club or School team. Telephone interviews of potential players are conducted if possible where players can be quickly qualified or players can send their Football resume by email or fax.

EduKick welcomes beginners into its International Academies but recommends if possible they prepare before arrival by taking basic conversational language classes while at home or purchase self study materials. It will help you to adjust tremendously to your new environment if you learn just a little!

No all High School study is conducted in the native tongue of the host country. It can be overwhelming at first but those students with good study habits can overcome the initial frustration of trying to study while learning a language and obtain good results at the end of the year. EduKick provides initial additional language support and tutorials to each student in the early part of the program where necessary.

No. You must obtain agreement with your current High School prior to departure that they will give credit for subjects that you pass while studying abroad. EduKick advises clients who are concerned about credit to consider surrounding the program with summer school or investigating the possibility of online study for key subjects.

There are many factors involved in deciding if a student visa is required. Each country has it’s own set of rules for accepting visitors/students. Please contact us by telephone or email and using our many years of experience we will provide you with advise regarding visa requirements depending on the specific country and Academy you would like to join.

At the point of registration EduKick cannot and does not promise anyone trials or professional contracts. The minimum guarantee is that you will develop you technical skills and tactical knowledge of the game which will make a significant difference when or you return home at the end of your course.

The nature of our programs and the close relationships we have in the professional game means that each year a number of our players receive the opportunity to train or trial wit ha professional club. Players who develop and show potential at the discretion of our professional staff are selected to take part in trials/training with pro clubs.

Each academy provides different types of accommodation. Depending on which academy you join you could be accommodated in a residence facility or a local host family.

EduKick England is the primary Academy that accommodates players in local English Host Families. All of our hosts are carefully selected by our welfare officer and have police background checks/screening conducted and are very experienced dealing with young people through their employment (social workers, teachers, nurses, etc.).

We offer 3 types of courses.

  • Full Year Long courses that last 9 months and begin in September and end in June.
  • Half Year Long courses that last 6 months and begin in January and end in June.
  • Monthly courses that are 4 weeks long and are available anytime between September and June

Each Academy course is priced differently based upon slightly different services provided in each location. The average price of a Year Long Academy program is $36,000 USD. Please refer to each individual Country page to see individual course pricing.

EduKick provides returning students with partial Scholarships. Full fees are required by new first year particpants.

All fees are required prior to attending the Academy. Upon registration a 15% tuition fee deposit and $200 USD registration fee is required.
90 days prior to arrival a 60% payment is required and final payment is required 30 days prior to arrival.

No airfare is not included.

Each country provides slightly different services but the minimum each country provides is as follows:

  • Airport pick up and drop off once at the beginning and once at the end of the program. Students receive assistance but are required to make payment of transfers during school breaks
  • Half board Accommodation
  • Academics
  • Football training
  • Academy training kit
  • Academy leisure kit

Please refer to the Country specific pages to see detailed course information.

You can register online at our website or by downloading, printing, completing and returning the registration form to us by fax or email.
The preferred method of payment is by bank wire transfer (no admin fees) but we do accept credit card payments (subject to 3% admin fee)

In some (not all) of our Academy programs we place players onto local teams. When players first arrive they are evaluated by our coaching staff over a period of 2/3 weeks and then they are taken to try out with local teams and if accepted become part of the local team squad for evening training session 2/3 times each week and matches on the weekend. Players will continue to train with EduKick coaching staff 2/3 times each week

Each country has different age requirements based upon the immigration laws of the host country. Below is an approximate minimum age requirement guide by Academy but if interested to join please call or email to confirm.

  • EduKick Spain-13 years old
  • EduKick England-15 years old
  • EduKick Italy-16 years old
  • EduKick France-12 years old
  • EduKick Brazil-12 years old
  • EduKick Mexico-12 years old
  • EduKick Canada-13 years old

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