Soccer Training for Fall of 2014!

Soccer Training for Fall of 2014!

Looking To Next Season

It might be seem a long way off, but the weeks until fall registration are flying by.

Already we’ve had high levels of interest in next season’s programs. Potential players are requesting information and getting ready for registration. While this is great news, at this point we are still prioritizing our current players, but be on the lookout for more news on next season!

If you’ve been thinking about joining one of our many exciting academies, then now is the time to contact us and get your free information as soon as possible.

The benefits of booking early

Claim your squad number first
Meet with and secure your Host Family/Accommodation early
Arrange any paperwork for your Visa to avoid any delays
Work with the coaches/tutors now to get ahead of the game for next season (current students)
Attend the re season coaching sessions & extra trial session (current students)
And much more!

EduKick Registration

Experience the language, football, and cultural experience of a lifetime! Call 866.338.5425. or internationally at 001.905.469-5661

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