EduKick Soccer Academies Build Intercultural Competence

EduKick Soccer Academies Build Intercultural Competence

Here at EduKick we pride ourselves on the added value student players receive while attending one of our International Academy programs.

It is easy for parents and students to recognize the Elite level soccer coaching and development that players receive when looking for an Academy as well as the structured academic courses that allow participants to continue their studies.

But what really sets EduKick apart from other academies is the attention given to intercultural competence and life skills that provide EduKick Academy student-players with benefits extending far beyond the program.

We work hard to build more into a student than great soccer skills and a solid education.

Qualities, such as self-discipline, are taught in every aspect of our programs, encouraging the students see the end-game of life as well as soccer.

Through our soccer and education academies, we seek to develop character, independence and most importantly for future soccer players – intercultural competence.

Intercultural competence begins with understanding and appreciating the differences in cultures. Our academies encourage the independence that travel outside of a student’s home country brings. It also exposes them to new experiences, and the ability to navigate and communicate within another country and culture.

Eighty percent of EduKick International Academy participants are from different cultures and backgrounds so as well as the country where the academy is located participants have the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience of the cultures of their teammates.

Every EduKick program includes language learning.

Whether participants are attending a summer camp, Year Long program, or just visiting as part of a team or group tour, we provide language lessons.

Through these lessons, they have the opportunity to learn the basics or become proficient in the language of the country they are visiting.

All the training student-players receive through EduKick results in a new self-assurance, not only in who they are, but in their ability to function and make friends in another country.

Building intercultural confidence helps them to follow through on their goals and dreams.

An excellent example of these results is Vyankatesh Kharage, who was inspired to open his own academy back home after his experience with us.

Vyankatesh Kharage, from India, attended the EduKick England Academy for the Year Long program 2011/12.

Read his letter to EduKick below and visit his website here!

“The year I spent at the Edukick England Academy was one of my best experiences so far. The state-of-art facilities and the coaches helped me to become the player I am today.

During the academic BTEC Sport science classes I learned a lot about sports and fitness, which I implement in the sessions of my academy.

It was also nice to be recognized for my hard work by EduKick England staff and to receive the Student of the Year award. It gave me great confidence.

As part of the program I had the opportunity to obtain the English FA level 1 coaching badge, and while doing this I realized I could use the certificate to coach kids back in India.

The experience of being part of the EduKick England Academy with student players from all around the world was amazing. The things I learned and seeing how academies work at a professional level gave me an idea of opening up my own academy.

I wanted to use the experience I gained to help improve grassroots football in India. The coach education I received as part of the EduKick England Academy helped me to understand how to teach younger kids in a professional manner.

The Alcala de Henares tournament in Spain was the highlight of my year with EduKick. The opportunity to travel with my teammates from England to Spain to participate in the tournament was very special and getting to play against the Real Madrid U18 squad was unbelievable.

There was a great chemistry within the team, and we played every game in the tournament like it was our last! The team worked very hard, and it taught me that in football that’s what we need: A team that works hard together.

With my academy, I hope to use football as a vehicle to guide and educate young kids empowering them to believe in themselves that they can achieve anything, and if possible, guide some of them towards a professional career in the game.

My long term goal is for my academy to provide the best football coaching in Asia and become a feeder to the Indian National Team and Worldwide clubs.”

If building your character and confidence is just as important as excelling in your soccer game, EduKick is the best soccer and education academy for you. EduKick for more information at 866.338.5425. or internationally at 001.905.469-5661


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