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England International Football Academy & Football Boarding School Program
EduKick International Football Academies Manchester, England Football Academy
Welcome to EduKick England - Football Development & Language Immersion Programs!

EduKick Manchester programs are a complete package of international travel, English cultural exposure, English language study & immersion, academic study and professional soccer training. We are fully committed to the development on and off the field of the student players who attend our Academy programs.

EduKick Manchester staff is committed to maximizing each and every student player’s soccer career potential. Throughout the academic year our players are given quality and measured exposure in front of our many partner UK clubs as well as via participation in scheduled national soccer pro trials. Every player will meet and be guided by our partner trials company Head of Player Placement, Tony Awor, a FIFA licensed player agent who has links with a huge number of UK and international clubs at every level. Tony communicates regularly with team managers, heads of recruitment and heads of academies to ensure that all our players have the best possible opportunity to show case their skills at the highest possible level.

EduKick strongly believes that living, studying and training in a foreign country is an invaluable experience that a player will never forget and the benefits of such an experience will be embedded positively into that individual for the rest of his or her life. EduKick Manchester staff, keenly aware of the challenges that our boarding school presents to our players, are fully committed to our players’ overall education through our soccer development and language immersion program. Our commitment to close monitoring every player’s academic progress is what leads to our superb published examination results. With access to our in-house University Placement Service counseling, every EduKick Manchester student player’s academic future is equally well looked after.

Living, playing soccer and studying in England as a teenager or young adult represents an enormous challenge for both the participant and the educators and host families (who are responsible for the player’s education and general welfare).

From the participant courage, effort and character are required to succeed. From the EduKick Manchester staff, it demands professional guidance, supervision, mentorship and expertise in order to provide the required level of service to our young players.

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Program Location - Manchester, England

Location Manchester, EnglandManchester, England has an estimated population of 503,000. Manchester is situated in the south-central part of North West England. Manchester is the third-most visited city in the UK by foreign visitors, after London and Edinburgh. Manchester is served by two universities, including the largest single-site university in the UK.

EduKick Manchester students study at our own EduKick Manchester School located at Brook House, Spring Gardens in the heart of Manchester city centre just a short 5 minute walk from Manchester Piccadilly train station and Piccadilly Gardens which is the transport hub of the city where all buses and trams converge. The School comprises of a reception, 7 classrooms, IT suite, office, common room, washrooms and WI-FI.

The EduKick Manchester Training Complex is located just 3 miles from the EduKick Manchester School and Manchester City Centre and comprises of 1x Fitness Suite (Cardiovascular, Resistance/strength, Cable and Free weights), 1x Full size third generation artificial turf field, 1x 7v7 third generation artificial turf field, 4x 5v5 third generation artificial turf fields, 11x Full size natural grass fields, Changing rooms/showers, Meeting room and Café


Year Long, Half Year and Monthly students are taught each morning at our own private school located in the centre of Manchester. Classes take place 9.00am – 1.00pm Monday – Friday and there are four (4) study options available

  1. BTEC Level 3 Sub Diploma in Sport (performance & exercise)
  2. English language program
  3. K12 – USA (grade 9 – 12)
  4. IGCSE or A Level

Throughout the duration of their course EduKick students will have the opportunity to gain extra qualifications in sport and soccer as an optional extra. These qualifications will include:

  • FA Refereeing
  • FA Level 1 Football Coaching
  • First Aid
  • Child Protection Certificate

Each EduKick student will be supported through these qualifications and guided as to the relevant level of qualification correct for them should they wish to pursue them.

BTEC level 3 Sub – Diploma in sport (Performance & Excellence)With all students it is important not only to be focused on the football element of the course but also personal and academic progression. Each student is therefore automatically enrolled onto the BTEC sub Diploma in Sport Performance and excellence where they will study the following modules:

  • Principles of anatomy and physiology progressing
  • Physiological of fitness
  • Fitness testing
  • Training and programming
  • Assessing risk in sport
  • Psychology of sport
  • Technical and tactical aspects of sport

All these modules, which link directly to all the practical elements of this program, are designed to provide all players with a good continuing academic education. Academically strong students can be guided towards higher level academic qualifications after successful completion of this initial gateway course.

We feel that the academic component of the program is of great importance. Successful completion will allow all students to progress with their education and give them an accredited qualification to take away with them. This allows students to remain flexible regarding possible future career paths in sport or football related industries. The course modules have also been carefully selected in order to compliment and reinforce all aspects of the football training, fitness and competitive match play program.

NOTE: Alternative Higher level BTEC programs are available upon request for a two year programme.
Please contact our office for further information.

English Language Program

Those students choosing the English language route option on the programme will receive 15 hours per week of English lessons at our school.

Placement testing & Needs Analysis Interview:

On arrival all English language students receive an individual Needs Analysis interview to assist the English language trainers to identify the individual needs and wants of each student. This interview also gives vital information to allow the trainer to assess the student’s specific strengths and weaknesses when speaking and listening. Finally a language level test is administered to provide the trainer with further information regarding the student’s level of English.

EFL exam preparation:

As soon as the above steps have been completed an assessment of the individual student’s level of English can be made. This will influence the particular class a student is assigned to. It will also allow the trainers to advise our students and their parents which particular EFL (English as foreign language) exam an individual student should begin to prepare for:

Trinity College Graded Exams in Spoken English:

These spoken English language exams are available at every level from ALTE 1 to 5. EduKick Manchester is an approved Trinity College test centre and so these exams can be taken on demand.

University of Cambridge English Language Examinations:

These exams test all 4 skills: speaking, listening, reading & writing as well as language awareness and vocabulary. They are globally recognised and respected as objective proof of a student’s ability to study and work in the English language. The Advanced level (ALTE 4) CAE exam is recognised for undergraduate UK university admission.


This is a U.S. English examination designed to ensure that a particular student has sufficient command of English to succeed at a U.S. university. A score of between 550 and 600 is required. This exam can be taken at designated test centres in Liverpool and Manchester at set dates throughout the year.


This is a British English version of the above and so a score of 6.0 and over is normally required to enter a UK undergraduate programme. This exam can be taken at designated test centres in Liverpool and Manchester at set dates throughout the year.

Progress tests and reports:

Students receive 1:1 tutorials throughout the academic year and parents are provided with a full progress report at the end of each term. Parents are also consulted and involved in the choice of EFL examination for their child.

K12 USA (Grades 9-12)

EduKick students who wish to follow or continue the USA education system have an opportunity of continued excellence utilizing K12 teachers, counselors, enrollment specialist, and academic coordinators; EduKick has created a flexible academic model structured for students to physically and academically compete at an elite level.

K12 International Academy and EduKick provide a blended learning environment using the web and a unique classroom environment to provide individual attention and academic support. This uniquely-flexible programs adapts to students’ training, competition and travel demands by offering customized weekly schedules and calendars, teacher availability and 24/7 access. K12 delivers experienced teachers, a robust curriculum, and college counseling, so that students can secure spots at top-tier universities.

Each course has an outline, modules (lessons) with objective, tasks, quizzes/ tests and an assigned teacher. In addition to the teacher, the student is also assigned an advisor to monitor their pacing or their ability to remain on track with regard to their assignments. Each course is designated to a department (Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies). Each department is led by a chairperson. Teacher/ student/ parent conferences and faculty meetings are all regular elements within the virtual world.

K12's AP courses are listed as approved by the College Board to carry the Advanced Placement title on transcripts. EduKick - K12 students may be inducted into the National Honor Society. As a school accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (founded in 1895 SACS/ CASI accredits over 13,000 schools) EduKick - K12 students are now able to benefit from these organizations as their credits may be transferred from school to school, international recognition for quality, standards based on research on factors that impact student learning, greater accessibility for students to federal loans, scholarships, post secondary education, and military programs, and a framework to help meet local, state and national requirements, and professional development opportunities.

Through our onsite academic coordinator we provide extensive classroom and coaching support. The Academic coordinator will work with a network of teachers and coaches to ensure EduKick students are progressing on schedule and are comfortable with their classes and assignments. Academic coaches and college counselors will connect with students in our blended learning environment and guide them with college admission and NCAA eligibility advice.


Each student will meet with a senior EduKick staff member once per term. This will provide the perfect opportunity to obtain the specific and individual feedback necessary to ensure the welfare, safety and satisfaction off all EduKick students. This procedure will ensure a happy stay and continued improvement in all aspects of the course. These meetings will also provide EduKick course leaders the opportunity to set the students personal targets and feed information and progress reports back to EduKick Head Office and so to parents.

Towards the end of the course these sessions will also provide the perfect opportunity by which to assist each individual EduKick player to progress from the course and assess the best ongoing career opportunities available to them.


All EduKick Manchester players are encouraged to use the in-house University Placement Service.

If an individual player’s final objective is to study at a UK university on an undergraduate first degree course or may be a Masters, MBA or PhD, this service is designed to help make this happen. All of our students are entitled to use the services of our in house expert UK university placement counsellors. This service is completely free of charge to all our students.

Our expert counsellors have a detailed knowledge, experience and direct links with over 70 of the UK’s best ranked universities. So whether it is Business Studies, Mechanical Engineering, Accountancy, IT, Law or Medicine that you wish to study, they are there to help our student players secure their place at the UK university of their choice. Every step of the way from application, through to interview and formal offers.

The expert counseling includes:

  • An interview to understand more about you: what and where you have studied to date / what are your preferred subject areas / which UK university would like to study at?
  • A individual needs analysis: what level of English you will need, what examinations you will need to pass eg. IELTS etc.
  • A detailed explanation of the Application Process.
  • Help and assistance with the preparation of all application documents: Application Forms, Statement of Purpose, References, CV.
  • Help obtaining interviews and preparing for interviews at your chosen university.

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EduKick Manchester England Accommodation

EduKick Manchester students are accommodated with local host families in the surrounding area. All EduKick host families are carefully selected and experienced with long term international student care. Please note that students are expected to share a room with fellow students at host families. Students are expected to travel independently from host families to the school and training venues each day using public transport. Whilst settling in at the new host families, students will be advised on the best and safest way to travel. The cost per week of travel to the students can ranged from £20 - £35 per week dependent upon location of the selected host family

Breakfast and an evening meal are provided daily by the host family. These meals may be provided as a family meal or provided for the students to prepare themselves; each situation differs dependent upon the families and the students.

There is also the option of staying in a private city centre self-catering student residence for those players aged 18 years or over. Here the student will have their own private modern study bedroom and private en suite bathroom. They would share a communal lounge and fully equipped kitchen with 5 other students. Wi fi internet is provided throughout and all utility bills are included in the price. Participants choosing this option would be responsible for providing their own meals.

Breakfast and an evening meal are provided daily by the host family. These meals may be provided as a family meal or provided for the students to prepare themselves; each situation differs dependent upon the families and the students.

At EduKick England we are very proud of our standard of host families. We have taken time to find the best possible families to welcome you and look after you during your stay. We hope that you will have a happy and memorable time with your host family. They have a responsibility to try and make you feel welcome. You also have a responsibility to be a good guest!

What to expect from your host family accommodation

  • It is very polite and useful to telephone your host family before travelling to England
  • The house will be kept clean at all times
  • Bed linen and towels will be changed every week
  • Breakfast will be provided
  • Evening meal will be provided and eaten together with the family at the table unless otherwise stated.

Note: Every family is different and so each family will have different food on offer. However, please feel free to tell the family if you have any preferences. Please remember, if you are going to miss, or be late for mealtimes unexpectedly please inform your host family.

  • Your family will do your laundry once a week (you will be shown how to wash your sports clothes yourself more frequently)
  • You will be given a key to allow you to enter and leave the house when you want to. (Please do not keep this with your host’s address in case it gets lost)
  • Your family will give you their day time telephone number in case of emergency
  • Your bedroom will contain a desk on which you can study or there will be an area in the home where you can study
  • Your family will negotiate the best times to use the bathroom with you on your arrival

Making the Most of the Host Family Experience - EduKick England

Your local host family has been carefully selected to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from this unique English language and football experience. However, please remember that you are going to be living as a guest in another family’s home. You will meet all members of the family and will be living along side them for the duration of your visit.

The information below is designed to help you integrate as easily and quickly as possible, make you into a super guest and so make the most of this experience. Remember, most host families and their students form a genuine friendship that can last for the rest of their lives!

  • Take some photos from home to introduce you and the rest of your family to your new guest family. They'll be delighted to learn where you are from.
  • Maps, photos and brochures of your neighborhood and home town are also really useful to break the ice at the start of your stay.
  • Make an effort to ask about your new family, their interests and hobbies.
  • Find out when you are allowed to use the bathroom in the mornings and evenings and when are the regular family mealtimes.
  • Volunteer to take your turn helping with family chores e.g. washing up, setting and clearing the table etc.
  • Always use a pre-paid international telephone card (available from local shops) to phone home.
  • Always remember to ask your host father or mother before using the phone.
  • Try and keep your room and bed as tidy as possible.
  • Your host family will make sure you get your breakfast and dinner everyday (lunch too on Sundays).
  • Your host family will also either do your washing for you or show you how to do this yourself. Remember! You’re not living in a hotel!

Finally, you must remember that English people may do things differently to what you are accustomed. It’s also easier to misunderstand a situation when communicating in a foreign language. If you are unsure about something, ask your host family.

NB – Your Course Coordinator at EduKick England is named Mick Brennan. Mick is always there to listen to any questions or problems you might have whilst you’re staying with us this year. Don’t hesitate to speak to him! He’s a friendly guy and he’s there to help you and look after you! I have read, understand and agree to abide by these rules set out by EduKick England, along with any supplementary rules that may be added during the course for student safety and benefit.

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England Soccer Academies Training with Manchester CityPersonal Football Fitness Plan

Manchester, England Soccer Training

The goal of EduKick Manchester is to work with players on every aspect of their training to ensure they develop the physical, technical, tactical and mental foundation required for optimum performance during trial opportunities and matches in front of professional club scouts and coaches. This is accomplished through coaching and training in advanced strength and conditioning techniques, uniquely integrated with mental, nutritional and sports medical principles all enhanced by the environment and high tech facilities. The daily training sessions take place each afternoon at the EduKick Manchester training facility with the Edukick Manchester UEFA A-licensed Technical Director/Head coach.

Exposure to professional clubs is provided on a constant basis throughout the duration of our Edukick Manchester Academy programs in the following 3 key ways

  1. England Soccer Training with Manchester EnglandCompetitive Friendly matches – On a weekly basis the EduKick Manchester squad will play matches against professional and semi-professional club youth academy or development squads or against local North West College teams whose coaches are also scouts for professional and semi-professional clubs. These matches provide a regular opportunity for participants to showcase their talents directly and indirectly to clubs. Follow up matches are often organized later in the season so the clubs and College scouts can measure the progress of our participants. These fixtures also allow the players the opportunity to put into practice the work they have done in training sessions and are followed up with squad meetings to review performance and progression.

    • There are two(2)categories of fixtures:
    • development fixtures - All available players receive equal playing time and exposure
    • Target fixtures - A squad is selected based upon performance in previous training sessions and development games. Thus encourages the players to work hard to be selected just as they would in the professional game.

  2. Professional Club guest coaching sessions – EduKick Manchester has affiliations with many professional clubs in the North West of England and each month the EduKick Manchester squad will receive two guest coaching sessions from professional club coaches. One session will take place at the EduKick Manchester Training complex and the second follow up session will take place at the facilities of the professional club. It is important that our participants are exposed to all levels of the professional game in England and these sessions help our participants to measure their ability levels with those required of a professional club Academy player as well as providing them with a direct trial exposure opportunity. The guest sessions will be conducted by a selection of the following EduKick Manchester affiliate professional clubs:

    • Blackburn Rovers FC (Championship)
    • Wigan Athletic FC (Championship)
    • Burnley FC (Championship)
    • Blackpool FC (Championship)
    • Preston North End FC (League 1)
    • Oldham Athletic FC (League 1)
    • Bury FC ((League 1)
    • Fleetwood Town FC (League 2)
    • Rochdale FC (League 2)
    • Morecambe FC (League 2)
    • Accrington Stanley FC (League 2)
    • Stockport County FC (Blue Square North)

  3. Open trials – All EduKick Manchester participants are entered into open trial events that take place in the North West during the Winter, Spring and fall (Autumn) seasons. We have carefully selected and partnered with a well-respected and ethically minded UK national scouting/trials organization to give our participants the maximum opportunity to expose their talents in front of the invited professional & semi-professional club scouts & coaches. In the weeks leading up to the open trials event our participants will be visited by one of the national scouting/trials organization coaches who will deliver a guest coaching session and ensure all our participants are ready and prepared for the trial. At the end of the open trial event each Edukick Manchester participant will receive direct feedback from the national scouting/trials organization coaching staff. The coaching staff is all highly qualified and the head coach in attendance at the open trial event will hold a UEFA Pro license which is the highest level coaching qualification in the world so the coaching and feedback each participant receives is of the highest caliber. During the following week after the event EduKick will be contacted by the national scouting/trials organization to arrange individual follow up trials for selected participants.

    The national scouting/trials organization will also have their own Head of Player Placement who is a full time FA licensed and FIFA registered agent in attendance at the open trial events who because of the nature of the partnership with EduKick Manchester will evaluate all of our participants and will use his own extensive network of professional clubs to recommend and arrange individual trials for those participants who show the required ability level to succeed at premiership, championship, league 1 & 2 or semi-professional.

    The Edukick Manchester coaching and management staff have regular contact with the trials organization providing their coaches and scouts with regular progress reports on each EduKick Manchester participant throughout their stay at the Academy not just on the trial days. This provides a competitive advantage for EduKick Manchester participants when they attend the trial events as they are already known to the coaches and scouts.

    Trial program participants will train daily during week#1 at the EduKick Manchester training facility with the Edukick Manchester UEFA A-licensed Technical Director/Head coach in preparation for the Open trial event which will take place at the beginning of week# 2 in front of professional club scouts and coaches. Participants will then continue training during week # 2 and individual trials at professional clubs will be arranged during week # 2 for those selected at the open trial event.

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Football Course

Course Director/Principal
Michael Brennan

Sr. coaches and conducts workshops for athletes, sports associations, coaches, and parents on mental, emotional, educational, and developmental needs of athletes.

EduKick England Soccer Staff:

  • PRINCIPAL-Michael Brennan.
  • VICE PRINCIPAL-Andrew Lewis.
  • WELFARE OFFICER-Tracey Cunnah.
  • HEAD OF PLAYER PLACEMENT- Tony Awor full time FA licensed and FIFA registered Agent.

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Location & Dates
Manchester England Soccer Academy
Manchester, England (July – December)
EduKick Manchester Fall Semester Residential Football & academics (16+)

Manchester, England (January – June)
EduKick Manchester Spring Semester Residential Football & academics (16+)

Manchester, England (July – December)
EduKick Manchester Fall Semester Residential Elite football training (16+)

Manchester, England (January – June 15)
EduKick Manchester Spring Semester Residential Elite football training (16+)

Manchester, England (September - July)
EduKick Manchester Junior Football & Education Academy (Age 14 - 16)

EduKick England Junior Academy
Term 1: September – December (13 weeks)
20th – 29th October (half term break)

Term 2: 7th January – 23rd March (11 weeks)
16th – 25th February (half term break)

Term 3: 16th April – 30th June (11 weeks)
25th May – 3rd June (half term break)

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