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EduKick (EIFA) is recognized by both FIFA professional players and coaches as well as individuals who have gone through one of EIFA's Academies and/or their parents. Here is what they have to say.

EduKick would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who has partaken or who works along with EIFA to produce such a wonderfully powerful experience in our student athletes life.

Testimonials and references from EduKick's International Soccer Camps,
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Ryan, 16 year old EduKick player from Russia talks about improving English language skills and football in EduKick's year-long academy in England.

William, 14 year old player from Australia. He talks about the first intense week of training at EduKick year-long academic boarding school.

Miguel from Kenya talks about football training at Edukick year-long boarding school in England working towards his dream of becoming a professional football player.

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Scott Hunter Metcalf (Player) -
Brock Metcalf (Father) - 
Chris Musto (Player) - 
Julio Musto (Father) -

Jorge Coch with soccer legend Diego Maradona, supports EDUKICKArgentine soccer star, Jorge Coch supports EduKick. "Having known Joey  for years, both in coaching and as fathers, I would recommend this program to any kid interested in learning Spanish and receiving top level soccer training.
Coch is featured here with friend Diego Maradona.

Plasencia, Bilotta, and Alex Basso, longtime friends and professionals.

Cesar Plasencia, Cesar Plasencia, ex-professional soccer player and current Women's soccer coach at Consumnes River College in Sacramento, CA, supports EduKick." Bilotta and Zimmerman are a great team. Parents should know that their children will be under the care of seasoned and caring professionals. EduKick programs always have a positive and lasting influence on all participating youth."
Cesar is featured above with EduKick's Joseph Bilotta in the middle and Alex Basso on the far right during a match in the American Professional Soccer League (APSL).

Arie Haan, Dutchman and Head Coach of Tianjin Teda FC of China Supports and Recommends Edukick to both boys and girls around the world.dutch football great ari haan supports edukick

Arie Haan, World Cup Champions with Holland, played for many teams including Ajax of Amsterdam with Johan Cryuff & next to Johan Neeskens (3 time European champions, twice UEFA Champions, 3 titles in Holland), Anderlecht and Standard de Liege of Belgian 1st Division where he won 3 Belgian cups, two trips to EURO Cup, and 3 Belgian League Cups, and finally for PSV Eindhoven in 1983 before hanging up his boots to coach. Arie Haan coached many top level club teams including Feyenoord of Holland, VfB Stuttgart (Where he led them to 2 UEFA Cup Final in 1989), Nurnberg, POAK Saloniki , & 3 National Teams including China, Cameroon, & currently Albania.

I am responsible for bringing Greg Morancey to Belgium. His athleticism, character, & desire to learn caught my attention when he was 9 years old. Raymond Goethals, Marten Lippens & myself traveled to America and assessed his skills & his desire to play & found it refreshing. We invited him to experience a similar program as EduKick in Belgium. He excelled immediately & was signed a few years later to 2nd Division Royal Sporting Charleroi. I recommend EduKick as my relationship with Greg has been a bright spot in my life & in a players success and I know his experience here in Belgium was the reason for his past & continued success today in the both football & speaking languages.

Greg Morancey (left) pictured here with PELE Supports EDUKICK.

Greg Morancey 12 yr FIFA pro

"I Support EduKick!
As one of the first American youths to be trained and play for Royal Sporting Charleroi, in Belgian 2nd Division in late 70's and early 80's, I highly recommend this program. The character and world educational skills and experiences I received were priceless. The EduKick program offers soccer players from around the globe a similar opportunity which I had, which definitely had a great effect on my becoming a professional player. The EduKick program offers everyone something unique and special." Morancey is featured here with friends Pele and Kevin Grubb during a commercial shooting produced by Pizza Hut for The World Cup in the U.S.

UCLA Professor Dr. Paul Abramson Supports EDUKICKUCLA Psychology Professor & Founder of Quantum Soccer Club, Dr. Paul Abramson supports EduKick. "I highly recommend this program. Joey Bilotta is an excellent teacher. He is a kid-friendly, enthusiastic person with bilingual skills and extensive experience in youth programs."
Dr. Jorge Santana, Professor of Spanish at the California State University at Sacramento, supports EduKick. Joey was my assistant when we conducted the California/Spain Cultural Exchange. He is an experienced traveler in Spain and an excellent director of programs. Kids feel comfortable with him and his background in counseling, teaching and youth programs suits him well for directing this program abroad." Email Dr. Santana

Jared Gates age: 12 California, USA Madrid Session # 1 (2007)

This was a REMARKABLE experience for my son. I was concerned about sending him initially because he was fairly young (12 yrs) and is a bit immature. The idea of him being overseas without parent supervision was a little scary. However, I couldn't have asked for a better result!!!! I didn't necessarily expect him to come back a significantly better soccer player, but he did improve on the ball. My hopes for him were to gain the cultural enrichment of being in another country, developing friendships with kids from other countries, learning another language (even at a basic level) and maybe mature a bit too, all while not losing any time on a ball. My expectations were SURPASSED!! All of the above happened…. And on a level I didn't think was possible in 3 short weeks! My son's confidence in himself on and off the pitch was enhanced significantly from his EduKick experience. Playing the "friendlies" against the local teams was eye opening to him…. He couldn't get over the difference in the skill level of the overseas kids. It made him step up his game. He has been home now for almost 2 months and is still emailing with friends he made from all over the world!!! He came home and immediately said "Mom… I wanna go back next Summer!"… He has recruited his best friend to join him. His soccer I.Q. went up quite a bit as a result of his EduKick experience and so did his maturity level. Additionally, he has a strong base in the Spanish language, which will help tremendously in school this year. Getting into an environment where he had to be more independent made him grow in so many ways both as a soccer player and as a young man; and the training kept him "on track" to come home and get right back to his club team. I really was worried about sending him…. But now I'm SO GLAD I did!! If someone has a child who is a "soccer kid"… There is NO WAY that child won't benefit from a program like EduKick…. There is so much more to this program than just soccer. SEE YOU NEXT SUMMER!!!!

Kim Madvin (Mother)

Max Weinstein age: 14 NJ, USA Madrid Session # 2 (2007)

"My son, Max, attended the Madrid program this summer and I would like to commend both your program and your staff for giving him the experience of a lifetime. All your staff from the guide at the airport in New York to the trainers were all professional and looked after the kids at all times. Max could not stop talking about his time with edukick when he came back and he is looking forward to next summer with your program.…."

Doug Weinstein (father)
Amy Perch age: 17 Derbyshire, England Perugia (2007)

"I'm writing to you from rainy England to thank you very much for all the hard work you put into edukick. I had the time of my life in Perugia this year, making friends for life, and playing the game I live for. The coaching and organization were first class and I have memories that will stay with me forever. "

Amy Perch
Max Grascher Age: 13 Ct, USA Madrid Session # 2 (2007)

"When Max returned from camp he said "I wish I could have stayed for another month"… and it was his first sleep-away camp." He is the only freshman at his highschool to make the varsity team. The hotel environment was fun and he made some good friends"
Hannes Grascher (Father)
Ashley Siles Age: 17 Melbourne, Australia Madrid Elite #1 & # 2 (2007)

"The experience was terrific both as a cultural event and in skills improvement. I would recommend it to anyone. In fact I have enrolled again for next year".

Ashley Siles

"As a parent my main wish is for my son to achieve his hopes and dreams and the camp seems to have further inspired his soccer aspirations. Also he was looked after professionally. I felt he was in safe hands. Thank you Edukick"

Charles Siles (Father)

Matthew Lowman Age: 18 Griffith, Australia Perugia (2007)

"Excellent way to make new friends"

Matthew Lowman
Nejc Ribic Age: 17 Slovenske Konjice, Slovenia Bolton Summer Camp

I enjoyed my stay in Bolton and would like to thank all the staff for their patience, kindness and good will. Many thanks to the host mother Gwen Naylor for her extraordinary good cooking and support. Thanks to coach Chris for his enthusiasm, knowledge and effort.

Nejc Ribic

Shane Longpre Age: 13 Somerset, England Rome (2007)

"This is wonderful trip. Shayne is getting as good soccer coaching and playing as we have seen anywhere. Claudio has been fantastic and has worked hard to help us out and make our stay very enjoyable. Shayne has fit in well with the boys on the soccer team and is having a great time."

Brian Longpre (father)
Patrick McCaulay Age: 12 Monterrey, Mexico Bolton Summer Camp (2007)

"An amazing Experience"

Monica Lasheras (Mother)
Ane Karoline Bak Foged Age: 17 Aarhus, Denmark Madrid Session # 1 (2007)

"The soccer coaches were good, the hotel was good, the food was good and most of all the other participants were the best - Now I have friends around the globe!"

Ane Foged

David Dreher Age: 17 Hollywood, Florida Mexico month Long (2007)

Hi. I just talked to Ana and her mom. They were very positive. Ana said she had a great time, would definitely recommend the program. She liked the Cosilion family very much, said the kids were really well behaved, and that they couldn't have been nicer. She said the Cosilion's don't speak much English, so it was good that she knew some Spanish from the get go (I am happy about that!!!).

Jody Dreher (mother)

"Our son Neil is currently enrolled in the EduKick England Blackburn Rovers FC year-long football course and it's everything EduKick promised and much more! My son is receiving quality professional soccer training daily and the Football Studies course at the college is just perfect for him. I am more than happy to be a reference if anyone wants to hear from an existing client." - Richard Hough, Downers Grove, IL, USA

"We would love to participate in being an EduKick reference! I want you to know that Stevie is really enjoying Spanish this year. His experience in Spain has really made him see things differently, the words mean more and the expressions bring back fond memories of his trip. Stevie is playing for the school soccer team and a premier team this year so the EduKick training worked. Thanks!" 
Maureen Boyle 
Tel: 845-782-6174

"My daughter Jessica Hershfield had an amazing time in Madrid this year! It was a well rounded experience including all the components you promised. She will always remember her summer abroad with EduKick! Thanks so much and regards to all the coaches and teachers. Jess said it is a real family!"
Tammy Hershfield
"Everything about the EduKick Italy soccer camp was fantastic, I had a spectacular time!"
Aaron Shearer
"I thought the EduKick Italy camp was amazing! I got to meet lots of new people. The soccer training and both of the full day excursions were fantastic! Thanks for the great experience." - Lucas Pingatore, 13

"Having visited and seen the Italy camp first hand…I was very pleased to see the organization and care for the campers. The quality of training and facilities along with excellent Italian coaches made it a quality soccer camp. I would send my son back any time."
Ron Pingatore

EduKick 2003 participant, Brett Shannon (left), a 16 year old from Oakville, Canada says, "Thank you so much for giving me the chance to experience something that will most likely stay with me for the rest of my life. The trip was more fun than I ever could have imagined! The whole program was superbly organized and the Spanish teachers were very good….I can now have basic conversations in Spanish and have a pretty large vocabulary too!"
Dear Mr. Bilotta,
Thank you very much for helping Mike during the EduKick Spain trip. He really enjoyed the program and the experience. He would be able to write something about this program and the excellent experience he had if you need an essay or anything from a student who experienced this program for publishing purposes, please just feel free to ask. Thank you very much again and take care.

Kikyung Park (mother of 16 year old EduKick participant Mike Park)


Paolo Ferretti (left), 16 years old from Oakland, CA says, "I am just writing you to check in. EduKick really inspired me! I have started working on my game a lot by myself. Everyday that I do not have soccer practice I do 300 squats and 150 crunches. I spent 40 minutes a day working out …20 minutes of strait juggling and 20 minutes of working on my left foot. With my left foot I pass the ball 1000 times against a brick wall (like you told me to do) and when I play I am not as scared to use my left foot and it has improved. Right now all that I can think about is becoming a pro soccer player. I will put soccer in front of everything except for school of course. Hope to hear from you soon." -Paolo
"Just wanted to tell you what a great time Noah had in Spain. He loved playing soccer, living with his host mother, making Spanish, Canadian, and American friends, and cruising the town. Noah learned a great deal of Spanish and feels much more comfortable in his Spanish IV class in high school. Even the 110 degree heat did not dampen his enjoyment."

-Laura (mother of 16 year old EduKick player, Noah Buncher)
"With EduKick I immediately made great friends with kids from all over the US and Canada, and we got along very well. The coaches at the camp were very knowledgeable and the soccer program overall was a great learning experience! If you are someone looking to improve your soccer skills, learn a language, looking for things to put on your college apps, and want to have a "real" summer, this is a perfect program for you!"

-Mike Chan (16 year old from New Jersey)
"We would love to participate in being an EduKick reference! I want you to know that Stevie is really enjoying Spanish this year. His experience in Spain has really made him see things differently, the words mean more and the expressions bring back fond memories of his trip. Stevie is playing for the school soccer team and a premier team this year so the EduKick training worked. Thanks!

-Maureen (mother of 13 year- old, Stephen Boyle)
"My perception of EduKick is a very positive one, as a parent I was rather satisfied with Joey's constant reassurances and organizational skills. I'd give EduKick 9 out of 10...overall they deserve very high marks for their efforts and the results they achieved. I know my son Alex had a great time, felt very secure, and enjoyed EduKick's program immensely. He came home a very happy boy with not one single negative comment to make. If you'd like to use me as a reference, please go ahead and do so.


Jordi Huguet, (Father of 16 year old Alex from San Ramon, CA)
"During the summer of 2003, my daughter, Rachael, accompanied EduKick to Spain for a Soccer/Spanish Language Camp; she returned home with a higher level of enthusiasm and comprehension of the Spanish language and she engaged her talents daily with the EduKick intense soccer schedule. EduKick was available 24/7 for this Mom and Dad who, of course, were anxious to allow their 17 year old daughter to travel to Spain. The end result left Rachael with a wealth of new friends, with whom she shares a lifetime bond and with whom she continues to communicate. I'm grateful her Dad and I were able to provide her with this opportunity and that we found this well-rounded camp to provide the experience."

Betty Dickhute
"EduKick Spain was Amazing! This was a totally awesome opportunity, being immersed into a completely new culture gives you a chance to see world as you've never seen it before. I've also made some great friends in Spain and around the world that I still talk to now. The soccer itself was something else, the opportunity to play with such amazing soccer players was a dream come true. The Spanish coaches did an outstanding job conducting the soccer sessions…and after even a week of training we were noticeably better! Over all the EduKick trip was great; I would do it again in a heart beat" - Claudia Nobauer (center), 17 year old from Vancouver, B.C., Canada)
"Our son attended the Edukick Spain program this past summer. He came home with improved Spanish speaking capabilities as well as a better comprehension of the language. We were very impressed by the management of our child while he was abroad. There were plenty of sport and cultural activities for him and he enjoyed the language classes. I would recommend this trip for anyone who wants to improve their child's language skills while providing a safe and pleasant environment." - Deborah and Denis Tremblay (Parents of Julien, 13 from Quebec, Canada)
"I was thirteen years old when I went to the Edukick camp in Spain. I was an average soccer/futbol player and my Spanish was terrible. When I came back I found that both my Spanish and my soccer improved greatly! Overall, I had a great time and am considering going to another Edukick camp this upcoming summer. -Tom Fenwick

"Overall, we think the Edukick camp was a very good experience for Tom who is now in 8th grade. Edukick had the travel and living arrangements well organized. Joey is extremely personable and made Tom feel at ease in the group. This was very important as Tom was one of the younger kids in the group. Tom has gained a broader perspective of the world, improved on his soccer skills and benefited from the language immersion. He now actually understands Spanish when spoken and is getting good grades in his language courses."- Dorothea Fenwick ( mother of 13 year old son, Tom, Linwood, New Jersey)